Why Limestone Floor Tiles Are The Favourite Of Homeowners

Most homeowners ask why they should choose limestone floor tiles for the home. The fact is limestone flooring is popular because it can create a sophisticated ambience not to mention that it is beautiful. Limestone is a natural stone from sedimentary rocks that have formed at the bottom of the sea.

Limestone has been pressured at the bottom of the sea. It is porous but very durable. Limestone tiles are the best choice for heavily trafficked areas because they are hard and do not wear easily. Limestone tiles are also perfect for flooring because they are comfortable to walk on. They are good investment options for the home because they retain their structure for a very long time.

It does not matter what colour of limestone tiles you choose because its natural earthly characteristics will create a timeless and comfortable environment in the home. Limestone is modern and yet traditional to match any colour scheme that you want to create in a room. Because limestone is a long lasting and luxurious material, it can add value to a home.

Beautiful flooring is usually available at very high prices but not limestone. It only has a luxurious appearance but it is cost effective. Natural stone will perfectly match any home décor because it is available in different colours, shapes and sizes. There are tiles that will look wonderful for the living room’s interior design. Some colours will look amazing on the outdoor patio. Limestone tiles can also be used in the hallway and bathroom because it is resistant to moulds.

The tiles are easier to clean and maintain because they do not often get dirty. The floor may require regular sweeping and occasional mopping using limestone cleaner. To ensure the integrity of the structure, once a year resealing will be needed.

If you want tiles that can withstand the test of time, choose limestone floor tiles in muted tones and various styles. Limestone tiles usually come in lighter shades but these subtle colours are preferred by homeowners because they can easily complement home décor. Beige is the most popular colour particularly to those who want an open and soothing look for their homes.


Great Tips For Picking The Right Bathroom Tiles

There’s thousands of tiles available on the market, in nearly every colour; stone, grey, blue, and white bathroom tiles, among others. As a result, it’s not surprising that a few people find themselves overwhelmed at the idea of finding the perfect tile for their bathroom.

Thankfully, there are a few tips you can use to narrow down your options and make things easier for you. Here’s a few of them.

Size is important

There’s more than just the colours and patterns of tiles, there’s also the sizes of them. You’ll see it when you walk into a showroom.  While it might seem counterintuitive to opt for large tiles for a small bathroom, they help create fewer grout lines, which helps create a more continuous feel on the floor, on top of needing less grout, and less cleaning. Weigh your options and pick the size that works for your bathroom and your lifestyle.

Balance different kinds of tiles

Many bathrooms have a few different tiles that they use to create a cohesive look that still  feels aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re picking grey, blue or white bathroom tiles, make sure you limit yourself to no more than three different tiles. See, too many types, colours and sizes of tiles in a single space can make everything feel overwhelming, especially in smaller bathrooms. On the other end of the spectrum, using only one tile just begs for a bit of variety.

Go for a neutral floor and ceiling

Neutral tiles on the floors help make sure that people focus on the space itself, instead of the floor. It’s basically a subtle base; allowing you to experiment more with accent colours on the walls. A white or neutral ceiling works similarly, which is why they’re commonly light or neutral as well.

Keep in mind your whole colour palette

Developing a good colour palette is one of the most challenging parts of selecting a tile, so a good place to start is with something neutral, then find a tile you just love and build your palette around that. Regardless of whether its white bathroom tiles, or expensive, striking tiles that work best as accents, picking that must-have option out will make it easier to decide on complimentary tiles as needed.

Don’t forget about texture

Bathrooms, admittedly, need frequent cleaning. While smooth, glazed tiles are easy to wipe, they’re also a slipping hazard, particularly in the shower. With that in mind, slightly textured tiles are good for flooring, while smoother tiles work better for the walls. A textured tile might also feel better for your feet, or might be a bit warmer on cold nights.


Exquisite Bathroom Designs

An exquisite bathroom can become your favorite space to savor where you can unwind, relax, and pamper yourself. It’s more than just a place where you can do your personal necessities. A great and perfectly designed bathroom should be a place where you want to linger and spend time to think, assess, and appreciate the experiences you have during the day and the plans you undertake in the future.

If you want to install a new bathroom, do some modest restorations, or complete renovation for a modern-day feel, we can provide you with high-quality design, installation services, and professional advice to give you your desired bathroom model in the most reasonable and competitive prices to suit your lifestyle. You can click site for a more detailed list of services and information on our company history and services.

Renovation Services

  • Bathroom design, supply, and fitting including accessories and required fixtures.
  • Complete renovation of bathroom, powder room, and en-suites
  • Plumbing work
  • Waterproofing of shower and wet room
  • Plastering and carpentry work
  • Tiling and flooring work

Our expert designers will assist you in your choice of the highest quality and affordable fittings, accessories, and fixtures for a desired bathroom finish. We can give you the appropriate advice on either traditional or contemporary designs, high-end or budget cost to make sure that you get the functionality of all the spaces and achieve your desired type and look of your bathroom. Please click site for our bathroom finishes and prices.

Bathroom Vanities

We understand the challenge that goes in selecting the appropriate vanities for your bathroom because of the wide array of choices that are available. As specialists in designing bathrooms, our artists can advise you on the best type of materials to use including the seamless styles and finishes. We can also customize your vanities and assure you that we only use quality brands for your choice. We ensure your vanities are professionally installed for an excellent finish.

We have been in the industry for more than a decade now which gives us a wealth of experience and the knowledge to make your desired bathroom into a reality. Just click site and you can find all the information you need on your bathroom requirements.

Bathroom Lifestyle Service Tips

Latest Trends In Bathroom Tiles And Design

Bathrooms are facing huge changes, and Anna Thorpe features various innovations. Personalizing a private space like bathrooms is becoming more and more popular— so popular, in fact, that companies in the industry have established websites and you can visit them now to see their products and services, and even get a quotation.


Installations Made Easy

Bathroom products are becoming more and more advanced these years, and so an experienced installer is necessary to make sure that everything works smoothly. Installers and other service providers are now easy to reach, just visit them now on their website and see the wide range of services and products that you can avail. Some homeowners prefer to do the installation job themselves, and while this is a viable option for those who are skilled and brave enough to try, not everyone has the know-how’s, which is why consulting and hiring experts for the job is a common choice for many.


West One Bathroom, for example, is launching an installation service through Five Sextillion all over the nation. It was designed to provide end-to-end solution for installation projects.


Better Tiles

Claybrook may be a new name in the industry, but it showed great promise at it features design-led tiles on its showroom in London. The showroom is set to open in late September, and promises well-priced products that range from natural stones to decorative tiles.


Minimalist Look

Marco Williams Fagiolo, a designer, designed Effegibi’s Yoku sauna using a minimalist style. It was inspired by Japanese influences. It combines traditional and modern bathrooms, which isn’t something that customers often see.


The minimalist look has been gaining popularity these days, with a more modern appeal and sleek designs using uniform colours and interesting textures.


Classic Marble

Marble is a classic choice for many who want to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look. It could be used as is for a more traditional look, or mixed with other elements to create a more modern appeal.



William Holland, a copper-bath specialist, introduced a new finish called the Verdigris living finish. It is expected to evolve over time and change together with the shifting trends in the industry.