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High Rise Boom Experiencing A Lack Of Workers

Everyone appreciates a good coat of paint, whether it’s on their car, their house, or in that large skyscraper that always looms on the horizon.

The ongoing construction boom across Sydney has lead to several dozen-skyscraper development projects, with the Sydney Central Business District looking to have an additional 30 skyscrapers, plus 40 new major hotel buildings, all set to open within the next four years. All those high-rises are going to need washers and painters, among other things.

It sounds like good news for any business in that field, like abseil painting in Sydney, as it means they’ll be in some serious demand. Unfortunately, they have hit a snag. See, there is a problem with this scenario: there aren’t that many people who operate in that line of work.

Admittedly, it’s easy to understand why not everyone is willing to work several hundred feet off the ground, with only a rope to stop gravity; heights aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The fear of heights, or acrophobia, is one of the most common phobias in the world, with saying it affects an estimated 23 million adults worldwide. Regardless, working on a skyscraper, whether abseil painting in Sydney or window washing, is most definitely not for the faint of heart. In all honesty, I am not too keen on working in such conditions.

With any line of work, of course, there is risks and rewards. In this case, the (admittedly small) risk of injuries because of heights, as well as accidentally seeing a building inhabitant in a, shall we say, less than appropriate state is balanced out by a fairly hefty paycheque. With rope access technicians earning at least AU$65,000, with a maximum of approximately AU$100,000, depending on experience.

Director Mark Knight of Sky5, a Sydney company that handles rope access technicians, said in an article from Australia’s The Daily Telegraph that there’s more to the business than just heights and paycheques, as he relayed the story where one of his workers ended up meeting his wife, when they met eye-to-eye and the lady help up her phone number up to window said employee was working on. And they say romance is dead.

Nevertheless, this shortage is an issue, hopefully, one that will be dealt with soon enough. No doubt there are people willing to brave the heights for the pay, and, at the end of the day, who does not like their windows clean?


How 3D Technology Is Used In Interior Design

After the initial consultation with the homeowner, an interior decorator will take detailed measurements and photographs to be able to draw up a floor plan. 3D renderings of the interior design will allow the homeowner to determine whether the interior design matches with his own ideas and preferences. There is no better way than 3D renderings because it is difficult to simply rely on your imagination.

The technology of 3D design is a fast and efficient process that allows you to virtually walk through your home before approving plans and designs. 3D renderings will help you make an informed decision on a design that suits your desires perfectly. From a floor plan, you can generally gain a good idea on how the home will look like but 3D renderings will help you see how the design will look like and whether it is going to work.

Consultations with your interior designer will establish a good line of communication so that you can convey your ideas and preferences. With a design presentation in 3D, you can ask questions and make sure that nothing has been overlooked. Changes can easily be made on the design for instant results. You can either approve the design outright or you can ask for some adjustments to save time and money.

If you have a clear understanding on what the design will look like, you can significantly reduce the amount of changes while the project is in progress. There is no substitute to a skilled and experienced interior decorator who will listen to your ideas and make them come to life. However, while 3D renderings can be a big help, good designs do not come from the computer. Good designs are products of countless hours in designing and improving details to create a visually appealing design for your home.

If you are planning to improve the interior design of a home in Thailand, your best option is Instyle Deco. Your ideas and preferences will be discussed in detail so that all areas of interior design will be covered. You can show Instyle Deco any images that have inspired your design so that they will have greater understanding of your vision.

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Understanding The 5 Reasons Why Drains Get Clogged

The plumbing system is important to the house because it gives you access to water and it is also necessary for sanitation. For this reason, it is your duty as a homeowner to take care of your plumbing system. In order for this system to be able to function properly, it must always be in good condition. The only way to do this is by conducting regular inspections and quickly addressing plumbing problems before they can progress into more complicated issues.

One of the most common problems that a homeowner may face is clogged drains. Clogged drains are a nuisance. When your drains are clogged, it can be very difficult to use the bathroom. Also, if you ignore your blocked drains, then you can expect your pipes to burst.  But what causes a blocked drain? Here are 5 reasons why drains get clogged or blocked.

  1. Because of debris or foreign objects. One of the most common causes of blocked drains is foreign materials such as soap, hair, food or fats building up inside the drain. When these materials get stuck, at first it would be unnoticeable as the drains would not get easily clogged up. However, as the material stuck in the drain continues to build up, soon it would grow enough to clog the drains.
  2. When there is a storm or even just heavy rain, you can expect the water to gather all the leaves and the dirt and take it down outdoor drains. These materials caught in the water can get stuck inside the drain causing a blockage.
  3. Broken Pipes. If your pipes are broken, then you can expect water to not flow freely which could lead to the collapsing of the pipe and thus causing a blockage.
  4. Incorrect Pipe Installation. Mostly caused by DIY work, people sometimes install their pipes and plumbing wrong. When this happens, pipes can get misaligned or collapse completely.
  5. Water Flow. Sometimes, drains get clogged because of the flow of water. When there isn’t enough flow, it can cause blockage. Gravity is also necessary for drains and you shouldn’t expect water to flow up a hill.

Top Home Renovations That Will Increase The Value Of Your Property

Are you looking to increase the value of your property? One way of dramatically increasing your house price tag is by doing some renovation jobs to your property. Here are some renovation guides that will definitely have a return in your investment.


One of the most important aspects of your house is the flooring. You will perhaps see an immediate increase in the value of your property with the installation of hardwood flooring. Existing hardwood floors which you can refinish are usually ideal as they can be less costly to restore and are in higher demand compared to new flooring materials. For the comfort room, the use of tile will always be sought after and will retain its value well.


Your kitchen may look old and tired which is usually due to old fixtures. Updating or replacing your cabinet hardware, countertops and faucets will result in a dramatic increase in the value of your house. This small yet effective upgrade will also revitalize your house. The use of pot lights are also in high demand especially in open concept style houses.


The second most critical part of the house when it comes to valuation is the bathroom. If you happen to add a three piece bathroom to a house with only one bathroom then you will definitely see a dramatic rise in the value of your property. While you should never consider compromising your bedroom space to convert it into a bathroom, try building one in a dead space inside your house.


The single very important room when it comes to valuation is the kitchen. It can make a crucial difference in the value of your house. As such, it is therefore important to invest in building a fresh, modern as well as a desirable kitchen. Modern cabinetry with cabinet lighting and new appliances will significantly increase the valuation of your property in the market.

Knowing these parts of the house that will need renovation in order to increase the value of your property, it is about time to contact Addstyle renovations to make the necessary improvements and renovations to your house.

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What To Consider When Buying A New Home

Before making a move on buying a property, buyers often spend a lot of time looking for the best properties online. They usually put in much effort and are very much focused in finding the best home for their family which will meet their needs. The problem often is that buyers sometimes do not take the long view when choosing a property. They are looking for homes as a potential buyer only and do not take into account that later on they may want to sell the property too. Given that properties are a very big investment, you should also consider your options and decisions ahead. Here are some of the things that you might want to factor in when you start to choose your next place to call home.

– Location. Finding a good location is extremely important and it comes in handy also when you want to sell the property. You can have the worst looking house with the ugliest bathroom and kitchen. But once it is situated near a great block of commercialized street or a good school district then your house will definitely be coveted. Location will matter on different levels. At the highest level, you need to consider the town where the property is located, the school district, the neighborhood and then the block. You need to keep these in mind when looking for a property.

– The school district. This is also in the top ten lists of most buyers. It is common for property buyers to start their searches based solely on the school district that they want to relocate. Parents always want the best for their kids including education. These often drive the prices up for homes that are situated in school districts.

– The property’s position on the lot. Where the home is located on the lot in relation to the street is one of the major elements to be considered when picking a home. In case of a condo unit, the end unit and the interior unit is a major consideration. You can ask the help of Dream Estate Agents in Hua Hin when securing a great property in the area.

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Reasons Why You Should Buy a Condo?

If you are looking for a property to invest on, then why not purchase a condominium? Numerous individuals have long been attracted to the idea of purchasing condos and if you are one of these people, here are some reasons that would further your reasons to buy a condo.

There are lots of Hua Hin condos for sale and if you still doubt the merits of acquiring one, then take time to continue reading below.

The first reason to buy a condo, and probably the main reason why condos are attractive to a lot of people, is that condos provide their owners with all out access to amenities which are deemed impractical or unaffordable to most individual homeowners. These amenities would often include golf courses, clubhouses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and numerous fitness facilities. These amenities are more affordable because they are shared by a group of owners instead of a single individual owner.

Unit owners would also develop a strong sense of community. This is because most condominium developments plan numerous social events for their unit owners. This would give the unit owners ample opportunities to comingle and develop relationships with their neighbors and co-unit owners.

Owning condo units is also a better choice than renting property because of equity and tax advantages. As time goes on and if you maintain the value of your unit, you build equity. Also, you would be taking tax advantages in the form of tax deductions in mortgage interests and property taxes.

Some people buy condos for the purpose of investment. When this happens, they could either rely on appreciation or rental capacity. Unfortunately for investors, condos are slower to appreciate that is why it is better to rent out the units. Owners would also not need to worry about the maintenance of the building and most of its grounds as they are not responsible for it. There are people who are hired by the development to take care of that.

Lastly, condo units offer potential buyers to choose a desirable location for a less costly price. For a family who wants to live near the beach, it would be too expensive to buy a single-family house as they number in the millions. Condo units, however, offer less for the same location.

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Exploring a Rich and Well Preserved Culture On Top Of the Mountains

Batad Rice Terraces is 350 kilometers from Manila the capital of the Philippines Islands. There is no airport in Banaue and the only way to reach the rice terraces is through car or public transport. The best time of the year to visit Banaue is from January to June because there is less rain.

I have always been intrigued about the Cordillera Mountains in Northern Luzon and I thought I should do something about this desire before I visit other tourist spots all over the world. Besides that my savings are not yet enough to take me to Singapore or South Korea.

The problem about going to Banaue is the lack of transportation because only a few buses ply the route from Manila. It takes a lot of planning to go Banaue and we decided to go first to Baguio City the Summer Capital of the Philippines and then Sagada before we take a jeepney ride to Banaue. However, it seems that we need to hike for a few hours to reach Batad Rice Terraces.

Unlike Baguio which has all the trappings of a small city, Sagada is more laid back although there are lots of local tourists. The January weather was a bit harsh and the air was so cold even with the multiple layers of clothing, two sets of socks and thick denim pants. Internet connectivity was spotty and I felt that we were isolated from civilization.

When we reached the jeepney stop in Banaue, it meant we have to go down and start with the trek. We had a guide who helped us through the slippery and muddy path until we reached a sign that says Batad. A few more minutes of trekking and we will finally see the Batad Rice Terraces. It looked exactly like the pictures with the perfect rows of terraces planted with organic rice. The terraces have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List which meant that the wonderful view will be untouched by modern technology. Life here is very basic and I felt that I was in a different world surrounded by mountains and trees with no modern infrastructure. The people are happy and that is all that matters.

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The Contrast of Modern and Ancient Culture In Bangkok

It was my first time to travel to Bangkok, Thailand in Southeast Asia and I was surprised to find it teeming with tourists both local and foreigners. There are tourists in every corner and they are obviously delighted with the city that is a mixture of modernity and ancient culture. There are luxury malls and high end hotels everywhere but you can’t help but notice the ancient temples in their majestic glory.

I arrived in Bangkok through the Suvarnabhumi Airport that has all the facilities expected from a major airport. There are ATM machines, money exchangers, taxis for hire, duty-free shops and restaurants. I can’t help but wonder whether this is really an airport or a giant mall. Currency exchange was quite abundant but I was advised to exchange my dollars to baht when I reach the city to gain a much better rate.

Although taxis seemed to be reasonably priced, I chose the Airport Rail Link which was the fastest way to reach the city. I will be able to avoid the horrendous rush hour traffic for which Bangkok is known for. I have friends waiting for me and I have to see them quickly before I get lost in this busy Asian city.

I have some friends in Bangkok whom I met online and they promised to show me the city whenever I got there. True to their word, my Bangkok friends guided me through a tour to Bangkok. They took me to a really very nice market where there were lots of street foods. We bought many spices and one of my friends cooked this original Thai meal for 12 persons.

It is not difficult being a tourist in Bangkok because there were signs written in English language obviously for the benefit of tourists who do not understand Thai. There is life in the waters because ordinary people lived on bamboo rafts with floating vendors selling all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Life for the ordinary Thai is in contrast to the obvious extravagance of the city. The ancient also blends with the modern and surprisingly it works. There is so much to see and experience but before I leave I would be visiting one of those beautiful Buddhist temples.