Avoiding Misguided Practices That Compromise The Health And Beauty Of A Tree

When there is a need to modify the height of a tree or control its spread, it is critical to consult with an expert arborist who will determine the proper process that must be undertaken. Tree lopping is often utilized when the tree needs to conform to the design scheme of the landscape. It is important to avoid creating a situation where the tree is unable to recover its former beauty because the cuts that were made left a tree that is highly susceptible to decay and fungi.

There are misguided practices in pruning that leaves behind a disfigured tree, slowly dying due to abuse. Tree topping is considered as serious offense against trees because it tantamount to torture and mutilation. Tree pruning is undertaken in order to remove dead branches that may compromise safety, but it is done in a way where the tree will not suffer from trauma.

Tree topping is a procedure used to reduce the size of a tree but when a large amount of foliage is removed, the tree can starve and it can trigger various survival mechanisms. If the stored energy reserves of the trees are depleted because of the removal of its foliage, there is a high possibility for the tree to die particularly if it fails to sprout a new crop of leaves that will produce sugar.

A tree is biologically equipped to heal the wounds caused by pruning cuts but if the tree has been stressed due to topping, the open wounds become vulnerable to disease and insects. If there is really an immediate need to prune the tree, always consult an arborist who understands tree biology. There are viable methods of height reduction without compromising the health and beauty of the tree.

When there is a need to enhance the landscape, your best option is to work with Tree Lopping Perth so that the shape of the tree can be modified without harm and damage. Sometimes the need for lopping is not connected to aesthetics but you still need the help of professionals to minimize the risks of the tree dying due to improper procedures.