An Exhilarating Experience Awaits You At Similan Islands 

More and more people are joining Similan Island Diving because it is a great way to enjoy nature and de-stress. Many prefer scuba diving to other social activities due to the unparalleled enjoyment of being underwater with fishes. The exhilarating experience is provided in Phuket for visitors who want to try a different adventure.

Similan Islands is often referred to as the rainforest of the sea because of the plethora of marine life that includeskuhl stingrays, mantra rays, eagle rays and shovelnose rays. During their exploration, some divers may actually meet different types of sharks like leopard sharks, white and black-tipped reef sharks and whale sharks.

Aside from the different types of colourful fishes, a diver will also get the chance to explore the Coral Gardens thatis considered as one of the best dive sites but since it is 29 meters deep, divers must be certified for deep dive. Any dive that goes beyond 18 meters is considered as a deep dive but you can go to any depth after you have undergone deep dive certification training.

There are many dive sites to choose from in the Similan Islands. Some of the sites will allow scuba divers to go as deep as 30 meters while others are only a few meters beyond the water surface. Similan Islands is composed of 9 islands but only 6 of them allow people to dive or snorkel because of marine conservation regulations.

Each of the dive sites is unique and noteworthy; however, dive sites on southern side have stronger currents. Descending on the dive site can be very challenging that is why it is not suggested to beginners. There are other dive sites that are as stunning and will not require years of experience to explore.

First timers to Similan Islands Diving are often surprised by the comfort of the boat including the amenities offered. The spacious dive decks have plenty of room to relax and get a tan. The day dive trip starts early morning where you will be picked up from the hotel and transferred to a day dive boat. A day full of excitement ends at about 6 in the afternoon.