Advantages Of Five Star Sea Cruises

While it can be relaxing to go on vacation, especially to a tropical island in Thailand, the preparation and actual travel can be stressful. Good thing all the inconveniences and stress would be paid off the moment you arrive in the area and behold the breathtaking view of the sea and its white sand. To make your experience truly memorable and hassle-free, look for service providers such as Five Star Sea Cruises that will arrange everything for you when you arrive in Phuket. By doing so, you will get the following advantages:

Convenient sea cruise

When you access the services of a charter company, they will arrange everything for you such as transfers from the hotel to the marina, they will guide you in creating your itinerary, the food and drinks while on cruise, you will have a private butler and access to convenient facilities. Since everything is well taken care of, all you have to do is enjoy the view and water activities set for you.


With Five Star Sea Cruises, you will have your own yacht for your partner or for your companions. This offers total privacy and the freedom to go to places and do water activities without considering other guests. You can also take your time diving or swimming on a favorite spot without worrying about other guests feeling uneasy waiting for you.

Various destinations

The good thing about sea cruises is that you can go on different islands without the hassles o the need to transfer from one chartered boat to another. You get to visit various awe-inspiring islands near Phuket such as Phi Phi Island, Phang Nga Bay, Similan island and many more.

Bundle services

Another advantage of choosing Five Star Sea Cruises for your Thai holidays is that you get opportunities to save thru bundle deals offered. Some charter companies bundle hotel accommodation with transfers, sea cruises and even airplane tickets in one package. Visit the website of your target charter company to find out what their offered bundle deals are. Find out if you can also customize the bundles to suit your vacation needs.