About Me

Miguel HidalgoRecently, photo blogging has gained overwhelming popularity. There are tons of great content all over the web from fashion blogs, travel blogs and food blogs that are complete with outstanding photographs to inspire online users.

I am Philippe Naud and I am inviting you to showcase your photography in my site if you do not want the complexity of installing CMS or HTML coding. You are welcome to post your inspiring photo blogs whether it is about fashion, landscapes, street photography or unique events that are close to your heart.

Even if you are not good at making words flow to inspire and communicate with people, if you’ve got the right photographs, they can do the storytelling for you. Photo blogs are appealing to most people because there is a great difference from reading a story to looking at a photograph and understanding its meaning. Most professional blogs understand the importance of using gorgeous photographs because it more effective when telling a story. The reader can see immediately the story you want to impart even without the use of descriptive words and adjectives.

My desire is for authenticity for the photographs you submit. I want you to use the original photographs taken from your own camera. There are photographs that have been used over and over again on the internet and it takes away the uniqueness. It is also easier to provide your personal interpretation of the photograph when it is yours.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule since your clients may request their bloggers to use stock pictures they provide. It would be a good idea to add some of your own authentic photographs as long as there will be no problems with your client.

The size of your images should only be as large as your blog content width. Your image should at least have a minimum width of 800 pixels. Larger images mean people will see the details but on smaller screens they need to scroll down to view the title and text. If you have any questions or concerns that you want addressed, please do not hesitate to contact me at philippe-naud.com.