A Vietnam Romantic Hotel: Where To Spend Your Honeymoon?

Everyone loves staying at a nice hotel every now and then. Whether it’s a vacation within the city or a vacation elsewhere, a good hotel room will serve as your home away from home. That’s why when choosing which hotel you are staying in for your upcoming adventure, it’s important that you choose carefully because you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money for a hotel accommodation that is too expensive or offer less services. You have to be wise if you want to prevent your bank account from being burnt to the last penny. It’s the same thing when choosing a romantic hotel where you and your special someone will spend an intimate type of vacation. Whether it’s for your honeymoon, your wedding anniversary or your wife’s birthday, a romantic hotel would be the ideal place for you to enjoy the company of your special someone. Now, let’s say you choose Vietnam as your destination for your next vacation with your wife. Worry no more because there is a good Vietnam romantic hotel for you to stay in. you just need choose which one will fit your little budget and the needs of you and your special someone.

To begin with, Vietnam is fast growing as a tourist destination. It has a beautiful line-up of beaches and resorts. It’s also filled with mixed history as a part of Vietnam, specifically the port city of Danang used to be a French colony. Food and culture are two things you should experience first-hand in Vietnam. It will make you feel thankful that you chose it as a destination. If you’re planning to go to go Vietnam for your much-awaited honeymoon, a good choice of a Vietnam romantic hotel is needed. To help you decide, below are some of the best romantic hotels you can find in Vietnam:

  • Sunrise Premium Hotel Hoi An- They have nice rooms which are built for loving couples. There’s a pool and even gym facilities.
  • Four Seasons The Nam Hai- It’s a resort located just 15 minutes away by shuttle bus from Hoi An. It will give guests a great view Hoi An town especially at night. The food is authentic and they offer wine that you will never taste elsewhere.
  • Anatara Hoi An Resort- Guests can enjoy the hotel’s comfortable and well-furnished rooms that are perfect for honeymoon. One of the best things that guests enjoy here is their excellent breakfast.