A Tale Of Corporate Escape With Colleagues And Bosses Fighting For Oars

Very recently, my company had excelled with the completion of numerous projects of top quality. So apart from the bonuses that the office had given us, they had also arrange for adventure tours in Melbourne, more particularly kayaking adventures down the Yarra river. They had scheduled a Friday for this event so that it wouldn’t cut into our weekends, and had enlisted the help of Sea Kayak Australia to organize this corporate escape.

At the beginning we were arranged into groups of 2, 4, and 6, depending on the relative strength of the people in these groups, and were given kayaks. We had many objectives that helped build our teamwork and problem solving skills while also bringing cheerful smiles onto all our faces. The first objective began as a race, where he had to start at one checkpoint and reach the next. The teams of 2 had a race, followed by the teams of 4 and the teams of 6. Finally the winners of all these races had a final race to determine the best team.

The next of our adventurous tasks required us to work as a team, as half the team would kayak, while the other half were required to take pictures of the Melbourne skyline, and of certain buildings in particular. These buildings would serve as check-posts that we would need to get past in order to reach the finish line, which was at the Eureka Towers.  The final part of these adventure tours in Melbourne was an all-out race to the North Wharf Docklands where we returned to land. We had a large supper here after meager sandwiches for lunch out on the open waters. This session allowed everyone to recount their favorite memories of the day and helped us build our networking skills.

I am pretty sure I can speak for every team when I say that we whole-heartedly enjoyed that Friday. Having our team building skills and networking skills being amplified truly gave us a sense of commitment towards our company and our peers, while also bringing us closer to our bosses and helping us sustain healthy relationships with everyone.