A Simple Guide To The World Of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors, may not be the first thing that most couples would think about on their wedding, but they shouldn’t be neglected either. Unfortunately, wedding favors are not given much attention but you should remember that although you are sharing memories on your wedding day, these favors are the ones that guests would take home to remind them of these beautiful memories.

Of course, if you are getting married, then you are probably wondering why you need to give out wedding favor boxes to your guests. How did this tradition started? Why do I need to hand out wedding favors? Well, you should know that there is actually a bit of history behind this tradition.

It has been hundreds of years since people started giving out favors on their wedding. This tradition mostly began in Europe, particularly within the aristocracy of Italy and France. The wedded couple would basically hand out special tokens or favors to their guests in the form of bonbonnierres, or small boxes made out of metal, porcelain, stones or even crystal. Inside you would find an assortment of confections for the guest to enjoy once he is home. The belief back then was when you hand out favors, you are also sharing them luck since weddings are deemed to be a time of fortune.

In this time and age, wedding favors have become a strong part of the wedding and not giving out favors would seem inappropriate. Favors are a way of showing your appreciation to your guests who have shared this wonderful day with you. There are couples who want their guests to remember their wedding day that is why they make their favors even more special.

Choosing your favors, however, can be quite a difficult task. There are important things that you would have to consider. A good research can always help you big time. Know that when you are looking for favors, you can actually choose between many different types of favors such as Traditional, Ethnic, Homemade, or even Themed flavors. You can pick out favors that are not edible as well, something that guests can keep and treasure forever.