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A Guide To Controlling Your Energy Use During Spring Season

Spring is the season for cleaning and maintenance. It is that time of the year where they give extra loving to their homes and make sure that everything is running in good condition. Spring is also the time when most people inspect their HVAC systems after providing so much comfort during the cold winter season. And with all the maintenance check, it is safe to assume that your energy bills can get really inflated. But how are you going to cut down on your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort? Follow these easy tips below.

  1. Conduct a pre-season checkup. It would do you well to schedule a checkup on your HVAC system during spring and fall in order to prepare the system for the winter and summer seasons where it will be the heating and cooling systems will be working twice as hard. If the system isn’t serviced and checked on, it’ll probably work harder and consume more energy than usual thus causing a large increase in your utility bills.
  2. Change the air filters. You don’t have to spend much by installing new air filters in your furnace. In fact, if you do, you would ultimately increase your system’s efficiency and even improve the quality of the indoor air. Increases efficiency also means less energy is consumed.
  3. Use modern programmable thermostats. This is because you’d be able to set it lower during the night and especially when you’re not home. Through this thermostat you’d be able to set temperature back to comfortable levels.
  4. Replace your old furnace. Most of the furnaces of today are almost 90% efficient which means they tend to consume less energy. However, when you do, just make sure that the furnace is of the right size otherwise it would not be as efficient.
  5. Seal doors and windows. This is important so that the cold wouldn’t be able to find a way into the house or you’re HVAC would be working harder than it should. You should also consider covering or sealing your power outlets as they too can be used as an entrance.