Bike Tech Tips

A Buyer’s Guide For Used Honda Motorcycles

Buying used or second hand Honda motorcycles can be tricky especially that you do not know exactly how its former owner used the bike. Because of its risk, it would be best to purchase a used bike from a reliable seller and at the same time, ask for money back guarantee and warranty to ensure that your money is protected. Also, if you must buy online, find out where the dealer’s offline shop is so you can personally check the condition of the bike that you intend to purchase. It would also be better if you can ask for a test ride to determine the bike’s manageability on the road. Aside from that, here are some important aspects to check on a used bike.

Check the tire condition

It is only normal for used bikes to have signs of wear on its tires. However, the wear should be even and should not be prominent on a certain side. Turn the tires fully to check their overall condition.

Check the bike’s frame

If you want to know exactly the overall condition of used Honda motorcycles, take a look at its frame. Avoid buying a motorbike with dents on its frame because there is a big chance that there are damages in its other parts. Find out if the frame has been recently painted because if it is, it could mean that it got into an accident and there could be damages somewhere.

Examine the chain

The chain is susceptible to rusting or corrosion. Before making a purchase, find out if the bike’s chain has any signs of corrosion. Move the chain backwards and forward. It should not be slack or too tight and it should be able to turn with ease.

Test the electronics

One of the important aspects to check on the used Honda motorcycles is its electronics. Repair and replacement of electronics can be expensive so make sure that the bike’s essential electronics such as its signals, lights and other electronics are in excellent condition. Test the electronics before making a purchase to avoid spending for its replacement in the future.