4 Features Of Excellent Boutique Hotel Hua Hin
There are different types of hotels that you can find...

There are different types of hotels that you can find around Thailand but if you want a unique and a more exclusive experience, a boutique hotel Hua Hin is what you should look for. A boutique hotel is unique in such a way that it has features that are not found in ordinary hotels. Here are some of those features:

Fewer rooms

One of the main indications of a boutique hotel is that it has fewer rooms making the service and the entire ambiance more intimate than commercial luxury hotels. Boutique hotels have at least 10 rooms but not more than 100.


You can tell if you are looking at a boutique hotel Hua Hin because it usually has a theme from it decors, furnishings and the decorations in its rooms. There are boutique hotels that are themed in 80s, retro, period or Victorian era. Some are in Asian theme while there are those that are in deep western style or Mediterranean. The good thing about booking at a themed hotel is that it reminds you of positive feelings and you get to be in a place with ambiance that makes you feel good.

Better service

Because boutique style hotels have fewer rooms, you can be sure that the staff and hotel personnel provides better quality of service compared to huge hotels that are commonly understaffed especially during peak season. Boutique hotels are keen at making sure their customers are satisfied and pleased with their services. The hotel staff can also prepare and personalize their services just to meet their customer’s fancy.

Owned independently

Another striking feature of a boutique hotel Hua Hin is that it is not part of a hotel chain. Thus, you can be sure that the services stand out and the owners focus on making their customers feel comfortable and satisfied. Some boutique hotels are run by families with family members as part of the staff. Because of this, all the more you get a personalized service that you will surely remember even after several stays in other hotels.


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