4 Advantages Of Booking In A New Hotel In Chiang Mai
If you plan to travel to Thailand anytime soon, one...

If you plan to travel to Thailand anytime soon, one thing you would look for is a hotel where you can stay during your holiday. You can find all sorts of hotels in Chiang Mai or in your target area. There are boutique hotels, chain hotels of big hospitality companies, there are resorts, themed hotels, 5 star hotels and many other. However, if you want to have a better experience without paying excessively for it, look for a new hotel in Chiang Mai and see the difference. Here are some of the reasons why you should book in a new hotel rather than an old one.

Brand new hotel articles

No matter how luxurious a hotel is, when it has been operating for a few decades, you will notice that its bed sheets are no longer crisp, the carpets may already be worn and its walls, even without regular maintenance would smell of age. If you book on a new hotel, you will enjoy crisp beddings where you can be sure that they have only been used a few times a fewer guests.

Modern facilities

Another advantage of booking in a new hotel in Chiang Mai is you can be sure that its facilities are modern such as the use of key cards for rooms and elevator use, satellite televisions, Wi-Fi access, trendy pools and other hotel features.

Introductory rates

When a hotel has just recently opened, there is a good chance that they offer introductory rates or rates that are lower than their original rates. This is their way to attract more guests as they try to popularize their establishment. Also, since they have fewer guests for the time being, they can easily offer free upgrades or assigning a room with a better view for you.

Better services 

You can also be sure that a new hotel in Chiang Mai offers better services as they are looking for high ratings and positive guest reviews. Since they are new, they would provide better services to their guests in the hopes for the latter to recommend their hotel to their friends and family members.

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