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3 Tips On How To Measure Brand Awareness

For brand managers and business owners, it is important for them to know how effective their branding efforts and strategies are. If you are a manager and you want to determine what branding efforts work for you and what doesn’t, find out methods and strategies on how to measure brand awareness. Some of the most effective ways to measure branding effectiveness include the following:


This may sound traditional but conducting surveys among targets remain to be an effective way to determine if your branding efforts are working to your advantage. You can call your existing customers or send them emails for surveys to random targets. You can also post a short survey on your website to find out a thing or two about the efficacy of your branding efforts. One question to ask is how or where your customers heard about your brand. For random target or survey recipients, you can ask them if they are familiar with your brand. This will help you determine how your customers learned about your brand and if people are aware of your brand’s existence in the market.

Utilize Google Analytics

The number of traffic or your site visitors will say so much about your brand popularity. If you want to know how to measure brand awareness, look at the right places or utilize Google Analytics. This Google tool can track the number of site visitors, the number of individuals who bookmarked your page or used your URL in their address bar. The higher the number of site visitors, the more aware your targets are with your brand.

Social listening

Another effective way to find out if your targets are aware of your brand is by listening to what they talk about on social media and other public sites. Identify your target audiences and check the social media pages where your targets usually converge and share ideas. If you want to determine how to measure brand awareness, participate in these discussions and subtly ask if they are aware of your brand and where they have heard about it.