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Single Sports Betting Now Legal In Canada

There’s a new law for law firms like to study, as Federal Justice Minister David Lametti recently announced that the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act will take effect starting August 27, 2021.

This means that single sport and event betting is now legal in the country, and the sports betting market, estimated to be worth around CA$14bn annually, could provide much needed funding for the state.

Under the previous betting regime in Canada, Canadians could only bet on parlays, where bettors are required to correctly predict the results of at least 2 events. Single sport betting allows Canadians to bet on only one event.

While Federal Law has been amended to permit single sport betting, the provinces themselves bear responsibility for managing and regulating the lottery systems themselves. They must also decide whether or not they’ll legalize single sport and event betting in their jurisdiction, and, if so, how such activities will be handled.

The deadline for the submissions of proposals to the applicable betting standards in Ontario in August 18, 2021.

In Ontario, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is the agency in charge of the regulation of sports betting and gaming. Since 2021, their subsidiary, iGaming Ontario has been exploring the expansion to internet gaming. They’re a familiar name for law firms like, as they’re the fixture of gambling and gaming-related legislation.

Ontario law firms will also have to learn the handling of regulated iGaming in the province, as the ACGO’s Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming, published July 15, 2021, will come into effect by late 2021.  This is the set of standards that are to be upheld by iGaming Ontario, as well as any iGaming operators and gaming-related suppliers in the province.

Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming

Ontario’s Gaming Control Act, 1992 and Regulation 78/12 authorizes the Registrar of the ACGO to establish the standards that’ll be used to regulate the province’s gaming sector. iGaming Ontario, operators and gaming-related suppliers in the province are required, by law, to comply with the Ontario Act, any associated regulations, as well as any additional requirements set by the Registrar, like Registrar’s Standards.

Advertising Customer Review Digital Marketing Reviews

The Things That Make For Good Reviews

Online reviews are the digital version of word-of-mouth, which means that they can make or break a business’s presence online. Naturally, it’s no surprise that digital advertising professionals like King Kong Sabri Suby pay attention to online reviews. They’re that useful.

But on the other end of the aisle, what makes a review useful? What are the elements that make a review ‘good’? Here are a couple of them.


Good reviews are detailed and specific, pointing out specific details, issues, and other useful information that other users look for before engaging with a product or service, as well as let brands improve and accurately measure how well they’re doing.

Mentions specific staff by name

Good reviews points out members of the business team by their name, which is good, as it gives the business a human element, while also motivating people to perform well.

Customers want to know that people; thinking, feeling, helpful people, will be helping them out.

Features content from users

Good reviews don’t just talk about good experiences from brands, products, and services, but also show these off.

By showing products and services in reviews performing in real-life situations, users get a better idea of how well something meets their needs, and help them make better-informed shopping decisions, which will result in better experiences overall.

Points out good customer service

In the US, companies lose at least US$75bn every year due to poor customer service. Naturally, the quality of customer service from a brand or business is a key factor for reviews.

A good review will go into detail about how a business ensures good experiences for people and users and this, in turn, will bring other people in.

Customer Review Digital Marketing Tips

The Ways A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help A Business

With people spending hours online every day, digital marketing has become the premier way to market. These days, very few businesses can hope to survive without turning to digital marketing. Thankfully, digital marketing agencies are around to help out businesses that need it.

For those wondering what a digital marketing agency can do for their business, here are some of the benefits.

Provide a comprehensive strategy

Digital marketing strategy has a lot of aspects to it; SEO, social media, and web design are only some of it.

As a result, it can be overwhelming for businesses and organisations to handle it themselves, due in no small part due to the fact that each of these aspects can require years of study and practice. If an organisation can’t devote the resources to having someone specialise on SEO or web design, calling in a digital marketing agency is a good idea.

Better tools and resources

Not only is their staff proficient in their respective fields, digital agencies also have access to the best tools and resources to help a brand grow.

These tools can not only be hard to get, but expensive too. A digital agency will handle these costs, leaving the business free to grow itself.

Creating content

Digital marketing, like its more traditional counterparts, is reliant on high-quality content in order to get through to people and get their attention.

No matter how good the marketing strategy is, it won’t matter if the brand doesn’t have good content. Any agency with a decent King Kong marketing agency review can help in making the best content for organisations and businesses.

Customer Review Digital Marketing Reviews

Tips For Enhancing Your Online Agency’s Marketing Review Strategy

If you hold most of your business online, it’s expected that you put a lot of focus into being visible and having a strong virtual system that can optimize your work. Because people are likely to find you through social media and search results, you want your business to have its best foot forward in these platforms in order to make the best first impression.

One powerful way of making a strong impression is through customer reviews. Online, people tend to read feedback as a deciding factor before making a purchase. So make the most out of your review strategy by following these tips:

1. Use the right review platforms to host customer feedback. Facebook Reviews, Amazon, Yelp, and other Google Review Platforms are already familiar to many online consumers. Browsing and composing reviews will be easy, since the system is already standardized. Additionally, positive reviews and average ratings can be sent to Google, which can incorporate your business’ testimonials in search results.

2. Engage with the reviews. Reply to feedback—both positive and negative. Be gracious, polite, and timely in your responses. Doing this shows the personality of your business and that you value your customers. You can also share valuable feedback on social media and allow your potential customers to engage with these comments. 

3. Encourage your customers to leave reviews. Send an automated reminder with a link to the platform or even provide incentives for leaving reviews. You can also open a discussion on social media to get your customers to talk about their favorite products from your brand.

Ultimately, the goal is to always provide a satisfactory customer experience, so you can get positive feedback like King Kong marketing agency review posts. The more feedback you get, the more likely you can build the best first impression for your business.

Health Massage Therapy Tips

How Runners Benefit From Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is widely used in the sports industry because it helps improve the health of athletes. It also reduces pains after injuries and decreases the time that the athlete has to spend in recovery. However, athletes also like to relax and be pampered by massages after a difficult game.

Massage therapies for runners

  • A.R.T. or Active Release Technique is a non-invasive technique that focuses on the correction of soft tissue restrictions that cause pain and mobility problems. The technique is applied to both acute and chronic conditions that involve the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia. During the A.R.T. session, the therapist uses the hand to evaluate the texture, tightness and mobility of the soft tissues and then applies deep pressure to relieve the muscle adhesions and reduce the build-up of scar tissue. A.R.T is an effective treatment for hamstring injuries, plantar fasciitis and shin splints.
  • Swedish massage is a one of the most popular among common massage modalities but it is also frequently associated with relaxation and pampering. Swedish massage can benefit runners before a competition or as a recovery tool after hard workouts. Swedish massage is characterized by long flowing strokes of different pressures. The strokes are usually light and relaxing to release muscle tension and improve blood flow.
  • Trigger point massage is a type of deep tissue massage that uses more pressure than the Swedish massage. It targets muscle knots and areas of referred pain in the muscle tissue. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is its usefulness in breaking the pain cycle that traditional medicines have failed to break.
  • Deep tissue massage is often recommended to runners during hard training segments. This type of massage focuses on the superficial and deep layers of muscles and fascia that are quite intense because of deliberate focused work.

Meanwhile, there is a type of massage that improves sexual stamina and the quality of orgasms. A wide variety of tantric massage in London is offered to help strengthen the bond with the partner and create a deeper understanding between both of you. It is also a popular form of massage to ease pain, improve sleep and provide stress relief.

Customer Review Digital Marketing Reviews

Why Outsourcing Digital Marketing Is The Best Option

Some businesses are confused about whether they should outsource digital marketing or built an in-house team that would work solely for a marketing project. An in-house team is already familiar with the business, its culture, and the expectations of its customers. Outsourcing is a more cost-effective option because the business pays only per project and not the full cost of an employee.

One of the challenges of building an in-house digital marketing team is the difficulty of hiring competent and skilled staff. It is not also financially viable to build a team for a few pieces of content or a marketing project. The in-house team becomes a part of the company’s workforce with corresponding wages and benefits.

Outsourcing has become the popular choice of many businesses particularly the smaller ones that only need specific batches of content for SEO or certain projects that will build brand awareness. It is more cost-effective because payment is per project and not the full cost of having an additional employee.

Most digital marketing agencies attract the best tech talents in the industry because they like challenges and diverse tasks that improve their proficiency. They are highly focused on delivering results because they want to gain the trust and respect of the industry.

The industry for digital marketing is vast and complex but king kong agency has managed to stay miles ahead of the competitor. The digital agency guarantees real results and high ROI, not vanity metrics like how many views an ad has generated and how many clicks the marketing campaign received.

Advertising Customer Review Digital Marketing

Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency Based On Your Goals

It is important to determine your goals before you start looking for a digital marketing agency. Businesses have different goals that they want to achieve and their goal is usually unique from their competitors. A more detailed proposal can be received if the goal is explained properly to the digital agency.  

Digital marketing in its general sense is a broad skillset. Digital agencies have resources and skills to allow them to provide a full-service approach or a more collaborative approach. Before you establish an effective relationship with a digital agency, make sure to know what they are bringing to the table.

The single most important factor that will affect the choice for a digital agency is cost. If the budget is limited, a digital agency can still provide a complete proposal although there will be prioritized recommendations. For example, the digital agency may suggest prioritizing SEO or landing page design based on the budget constraints.

It is difficult to find a digital agency that specializes in all marketing strategies. For example, a digital agency may have started as an SEO specialist but they evolved into a full-service marketing specialist. Most of the time, they use a series of strategies that support each other to increase conversion rates without reducing traffic to the site.

You can always opt for king kong sabri suby that is prepared to evolve with you. The digital marketing agency has a clear understanding of their abilities and experience to help your business grow and increase sales effectively. They have the ability to deliver results beyond your expectations.

Advertising Customer Review Digital Marketing

Customer Feedback As A Reliable Source Of Information

Customers write reviews because they want to share their personal experiences with others. They do not get paid to leave their feedback nor are they trying to make the company appreciative of their opinion. They simply want to help other consumers who are planning to purchase the product or service. 

Businesses know their products well, more than anybody else but they do not know how well the product is working for their customers unless they leave a feedback. The opinion of customers will ensure that the product actually meets their expectations, solve their problems and fulfil their needs. 

Customer satisfaction is crucial to business success, higher revenue, and increased sales. A business naturally wants to satisfy its customers by providing them with the best experience possible. Customers always want to be involved in the success of a business and communicating their opinion is their best way to express their satisfaction. 

Customer feedback helps business create the best customer experience. For example, a customer does not necessarily buy a pair of Nike shoes because it is durable; it is the good experience they gain that makes them loyal to the brand. Satisfied customers stay loyal to the brand even if they sometimes post about the need for further improvements. 

A digital marketing agency reads every king kong marketing agency review that it receives because it provides them with valuable insight on areas that need improvement. Besides that, customer reviews are a valuable source of information for potential customers who like the idea of outsourcing marketing to a digital marketing agency. 

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The Consequences Of Refusing To Participate In Field Sobriety Test

When a police officer asks you to pull over, he must have noticed that you were driving erratically and became suspicious that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The officer will ask you to do a field sobriety test that includes walking in a straight line, balancing on one foot and following with your eyes an object that the officer moves from side to side. The officer will also ask you to take a chemical test.  

Can you refuse the field sobriety test?

Typically, you can refuse to participate in the field sobriety test because there are no penalties or legal consequences to the refusal. However, states have “implied consent” laws that request drivers who were legally arrested to submit to a chemical test if the police officer asks him to do so. If you unlawfully refuse testing, you can face license suspension which is typically longer than the suspension you would receive for a failed chemical test.

Many drivers attempt to refuse testing to avoid a DUI conviction because without any test results, the prosecutor has no evidence of what was exactly ingested before driving. However, the prosecutor has to inform the judge about the driver’s refusal to take the chemical test and argue that he is likely concealing intoxication.

In some instances, refusal to take the chemical test can be used as a legal strategy. While the refusal will generally lead to license suspension, it will be more be more difficult for the prosecutor to prove the DUI charges in court. However, refusal to take a chemical test will depend on many factors like state-specific laws and the driver’s level of impairment. It will take a lot of guts to refuse the chemical test. A good option will be to call an experienced DUI lawyer who can help you make the right call and will advise you of your rights.

If you are charged with DUI, the best thing you can do for yourself is to call Donich Law for proper advice. There are unfortunate consequences that cannot be avoided like license suspension but you will benefit from the best possible legal advice.

Tips Trucking Industry

Montana To Vaccinate Truckers From Alberta

Logistic firms like Titan Transline and truckers have been working hard to ensure that the world’s supply chain keeps running amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but the long hours and large travel distances of their profession have left a lot of them struggling to schedule appointments for vaccination.

Alberta, Canada, and Montana, US have decided to work together to help, signing an agreement for the inoculation of cross-border truckers that transport essential goods across the US-Canada border.

Around 2,000 Albertan truckers who regularly transport goods to the US will be eligible to receive vaccination in Montana as part of this joint initiative.

Alberta premier Jason Kenney stated that this initiative is part of their efforts to make sure that as many Albertans are inoculated as quickly as possible. He expresses thanks to Montana Gov. Gianforte and their government for the donation of vaccines to protect truckers. They explained that this program will help Alberta, ensuring that their goods get to market while also stopping the spike for COVID-19.

Gov. Greg Gianforte of Montana stated that the pandemic has been hard on everyone, which is why they’ve banded together to ensure that trade channels between Montana and Alberta remain open. This program, he says, will protect truckers and their families from COVID-19, and ensure the trade of goods both regions are reliant on.

Starting from May 10, Montana will be vaccinating truckers entering state limits at a rest stop near Conrad for free, with the program running from 8am to 6pm until May 23.

Alberta Minister of Transportation Ric McIver stated that logistic firms like Titan Transline and truckers have worked tirelessly amidst the pandemic in order to keep the supply chain running, ensuring that people have access to the goods that they need to survive. This agreement with their American neighbors, he says, will help protect truckers that regularly cross the US-Canada border while also vaccinating Albertans.

Montana will be providing does of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as part of the program. Truckers who want to get inoculated don’t need to book ahead to get inoculated.

The Coutts Border Crossing at the Alberta-Montana border sees about 800 commercial carriers crossing every day.


Advertising Customer Review Digital Marketing marketing SEO Tips

A Look At Online Review Management

Users look for opinion and ask their friends and families recommendations all the time. This is the power of social proof and word-of-mouth, reflected in the power of online reviews.

Why review management is important

Online reviews and word-of-mouth definitely isn’t new, but with how much time people spend online and how accessible they are now, they’re more important than ever. A user only needs to look up a brand on the internet, made possible on the go thanks to mobile devices, see a review, and decide where they want to take their business.

On top of that, reviews are also a valuable source of feedback for brands. They offer brands insight on what customers think and what they feel need improving and addressing.

Data varies, but it’s generally agreed upon that the vast majority of users on the internet (about 90%) read reviews before making a purchasing decision. Naturally, leaving reviews unmanaged and unread is a bad idea.

Why reply to reviews

Like with communicating on social media, replying to reviews helps build trust and foster a brand’s relationships with their customers.

There’ll be some things that are commonly mentioned in reviews, which varies depending on what field a brand is in. Being ready with responses for those common scenarios is a good first step, but they’re only a first step.

Responding to reviews

The best way for brands to tackle reviews, positive or negative, is to approach the matter professionally. People write reviews so their opinion can be heard, so positively or negatively, it’s in a brand’s interest to consider every review as a source of valuable information.

Positive reviews are good, of course, but negative reviews are a minefield. But handled properly, they provide valuable feedback, as well as a chance to build a brand’s reputation; customers see brands that take negative reviews well and they’re more likely to trust that brand.

A bad king kong marketing agency review might seem problematic for a brand, but it all depends on how they handle it.

Customer Review Digital Marketing

Tips For Building An Online E-Commerce Career

With more and more people opting for the online market more than the traditional purchasing methods, businesses and entrepreneurs now need to establish an online presence. The shift towards online was also boosted by the coronavirus pandemic, as people were forced to stay at home and buy things online in order to keep safe.

The good thing for business owners, entrepreneurs, and people looking for employment is that the shift to online also allowed for more employment opportunities.

For those interested in a career in e-commerce, here are some tips.

  • Online presence is a must. How you handle your presence online, like on social media sites, shows how much of a grasp you have on the online space. With so many employment opportunities online, it’s no surprise that people can find employment.
  • Stay updated. The online space is always in flux; it’s best to be as updated as possible.
  • Learn. Naturally, you’ll want to pick up some pointers and learn a bit about the environment. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources on the internet, like webinars and books.
  • Online courses are an option. One of the more common options for people looking to get into e-commerce or digital marketing is to go for an online course. It’s a good option, but remember to opt for a course that has certification so you can add that to your resume.
  • Be realistic. Dreaming big is good and all, but be realistic. Baby steps might not look like much right now, but they can really add up over time. Start small, and make your way from there to your lofty goal. You don’t just become someone like king kong sabri suby without hard work.